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Aug 13, 2013 12:00am EDT
of healthcare than previous problems we have had in healthcare expansion. under george w. bush, we expanded the prescription drug part d. i opposed that. there was not a governmental plan available. universalit was not pricing. the day after that bill was theed, i worked along with people who oppose the bill to make sure was implemented as best that we could. we work together to make it work. we are not seeing that in the affordable care act. it is almost a political isolation of this issue which is calling it politics rather than trying to make it work the best that you and seeking changes that should be changed. i'm hoping we can get to that point and we can get to the resources necessary to make sure this law is implemented fairly. it is not going to be a one year implementation of the personal mandate. it will take years. >> you can watch all of his .org.ks online at c-span night.rrow helpmate to him throughout his put coker. newspapersead the and underline passages she thought important for him to read. she was a regular fixture in the gallery and congress. typically, congress would en
Aug 6, 2013 9:00pm EDT
?people george and barbara bush, because of the one term presidency, and the sun that went on to be president. is that the relationship standard? >> i hope you will take that question. [laughter] >> there was no one else like abigail and john. first of all, we don't have the insight into anybody else's lives. these letters were recently revealed. lyndon johnson's love letters to lady bird were revealed. but there is nothing like the abigail and john exchange. [laughter] >> it is when they are situated in such a important time and there were so many players in so many stages. that is what sets them apart. this is from twitter. >> people came by, but not so much during the presidency. later, in retirement. there is a time when john is really quite is a little while after abigail has passed. cadets from west point came and they had a band and they played and marched and they were served punch and john adams gave a talk to the -- a patriotic talk to the troops. occasionally, people would come by. but they did not entertain in the sense of politically entertaining. it was family for the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2